Our Projects

Our team is experienced in not only programming, but water & waste water processes as well. With this experience at hand, our employees are able to make constructive suggestions and input as to the options available for your project.

With our experience in overseas and remote sites, we are ready to tackle your oil and gas project wherever it may be. In combination with our outstanding safety measures and record, there isn't anywhere we won't go to help you.

We are always looking to take on new challenges, whatever your industry. With experience ranging from water parks to data management centers, any programmable automation is within our scope.


Reonix pioneered an outsourcing model in the automation and process control industry that reduces cost of development; accelerate time to deployment and increases efficiencies. The company offers cost effective and scalable services to global Engineering and consulting firms, helping them to reach their business objectives through our technological expertise in PLC/RTUs, HMI SCADA Software, SCADA Communications and more.

The company has been engaged in numerous overseas projects where social intelligence and culture sensitivity are as crucial as technical expertise.